Oyo State Health Insurance Agency (OYSHIA) sets the Pace for Health Insurance with A World Class Software Platform Powered By Nexusmax Software 365 LLC.

Government software and consulting services provider NexusMax Software 365, LLC (NEXUSMAX) has announced that the Oyo State Health Insurance Agency is the pace setter with the deployment of a comprehensive biometric health Insurance Platform. The system, based on NEXUSMAX commercial off-the-shelf NEXUSINSURE software, was implemented by a joint government and private-sector team comprised of the Oyo State Health Insurance Agency and NEXUSMAX.

The adoption of the software was to ensure that at least 10% of the population of Oyo State is enrolled before the end of the first year of the Health insurance Scheme. The adoption of this platform has given the agency platform independence as all stakeholders key into the relevant parts of the platform. According to the Ag. Executive Secretary of OYSHIA, Dr. Olusola Akande, the Agency chose NEXUSINSURE because it offers a one stop platform to manage the activities of the Agency. It also comes equipped with a comprehensive biometric data capture which is critical when verifying Enrollees at the point of accessing health care in the State.

The Agency went live with the new system in July 2017 on schedule. The system allows all stakeholders like HMOs, Hospitals and Enrollees to conduct many activities online, including payments, renewal of premiums, and biometric registration of Enrollees. “One of our major goals was to ensure from day one of production that this system would continue to support our operations and provide an improved customer experience without issue”, said Dr. Akande. “Our team accomplished this goal”, he said. “The system streamlines our processes and allows us to serve our customers with greater accuracy and efficiency”. NEXUSINSURE provides the following portals for the use of the AGENCY:

OYSHIA Portal : This is a dedicated portal to members of the AGENCY. From this portal, access to required information on progress of the scheme can be viewed by users.

HMO Portal: This is a private portal for all HMOs involved in the scheme.

Enrollees Portal: Subscribers can change their providers, manage their dependants and perform self-service functions through the internet or gsm/sms.

Providers Portal: The provider portal allows providers to be more than just buildings, it allows them to be partners. They can download enrollee lists, verify enrollee identification, lodge their claims online real time, view claims lodged, paid and outstanding etc. Enrollee verification can be done via sms CHAs/BOTS/Micro

HMO portal: This portal allows provision of first level support to issues that arise, ensuring active response by parties involved NEXUSINSURE also supports different payment channels like scratch cards, online payment as well as USSD based payment alternatives. “Every NEXUSINSURE project, has been delivered on time and on budget,” said Wahab Aminu-Sarumi, a Director of NEXUSMAX. “This record of success is an important factor for Agencies in Project evaluation.”

About NexusMax Software 365 NEXUSMAX works with government agencies to implement its commercial off-the-shelf software, which is based on a core system architecture that can be configured to provide business solutions for the effective and efficient administration of agency programs. NEXUSMAX software helps agencies reduce costs, enhance services, improve the efficiency of internal operations, and maximize return on investment. The company software solutions are browser-based, platform-independent, scalable and are compliant with service-oriented architecture.

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