Web Mobile USSD Platform

The solution provides an exclusive web-based,mobile friendly online voting system for elections. Our hosted online voting system offers top-notch security and ease of use for both the voter and administrator.

Secure & Flexible

It also enables voters to securely and easily cast their vote from any location and on any device with a stable Internet connection. The solution ensures that election officials manage voter data efficiently, securely, and with minimal training.

Our Platform

Fully Web-based , 24 hours Real-time Online Voting , Mobile Friendly and Cross-Browser Compatible.


The solution was designed with a core priority to eliminate the risk of electoral fraud or breach of secrecy.


One-vote-per-voter is guaranteed by marking electors as voted and storing the vote in a single transaction.


Eligible voters are sent notifications and reminders about elections and voting events, as well as the details needed to access the system and reminder to those who haven't voted yet by email.


Once the electronic ballot has been cast a printable receipt is provided and also sent to assure voters that their votes have been recorded as intended.


Instant Election Result Collation. Voting is Confidential & Secure.