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The company has been involved in the development of the following software products. Most of these products are Cloud-based


NEXUSINSURE? is a comprehensive Biometric Health Insurance Platform. The system offers a one stop platform to manage the activities of a typical Health Insurance Agency. It also comes equipped with a comprehensive biometric data capture which is critical when verifying Enrollees at the point of accessing health care. The system allows all stakeholders like HMOs, Hospitals and Enrollees to conduct many activities online, including payments, renewal of premiums, and biometric registration of Enrollees. NEXUSINSURE? also supports different payment channels like scratch cards, online payment as well as USSD based payment alternatives..

It is an all-in-one integrated software package designed to automate and streamline administrative tasks. It is a powerful cloud-based software that provides a number of components that work together to offer an online administrative platform, through which you can manage membership database, online event registrations, fund raising, sending email blasts, setting up a members-facing website, automation of membership renewals, and handling of online donations and payments. It can be accessed through a web browser without the need to install anything on your computer’s hard drive. It comes with its own general ledger accounting thereby obviating the need to get third party accounting software. It is ideal for member-based associations, institutes, trade unions, societies, clubs, estate managers and more.


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The solution provides an exclusive web-based online voting system for elections. Our hosted online voting system offers top-notch security and ease of use for both the voter and administrator. It also enables voters to securely and easily cast their vote from any location and on any device with a stable Internet connection. The solution ensures that election officials manage voter data efficiently, securely, and with minimal training. The solution was designed with a core priority to eliminate the risk of electoral fraud or breach of secrecy.


It is designed to manage the Insurance of the risk assets of an organization. The web based application adds a whole new element to Insurance operations management. It provides a platform for Insurance packages management, Asset/Employee monitoring, Policy administration, Claims management and reporting. It is a user-friendly application that can be easily used by every organization with a sizeable risk asset.